Email Response Time

Thanks for reaching out! Please give us around 24-48 hours for an emailed response during a normal work week. Expect a little bit longer over the weekend or holidays. We will get back to you! Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folders in case our email got kicked over there.

Sizing / Size Chart?

Our sizes are typically a standard fit and size charts are located as the last image for each item. If you are having a hard time finding or would like some help with sizing – just shoot us a message and we can help.

Where is my stuff?

We want you to get your package as bad as you do! Sometimes the weekends or holidays may add a couple of days onto the time in which you receive your package. We also might ship some items separately to ensure your stuff arrives in ideal condition. Feel free to track the items at or shoot us a message.

Shipping time / speed?

We try to get packages out as fast as possible but often have around a 1- 5 day processing time, not including the weekends or holidays. As soon as we process your package you will receive an email confirming that we have printed the label and have your order ready to ship! Once it’s in the hands of the carrier – the rest depends on them and the shipment method you chose.


We want you to be happy with your gear! We have a 30-day return/exchange policy. As long as your item is unworn and/or in perfect condition then we are happy to accept your return for a refund or exchange for a different size.

My order says it was delivered but I didn’t receive it.

Don’t stress it. We’ve seen this happen quite often! Carriers will oftentimes mark packages as “delivered” when they did not get delivered at all. Most times they will then will show up days later. We ask that you just hang tight for a few days. If you believe USPS has lost or incorrectly delivered your package, you must file a claim: here.
We are not responsible for replacing or reimbursing stolen packages if the shipping address is not secure or correct addresses were not given.

Oops, I need to cancel my order!

Mistakes happen, we understand. You need to message us from our website or, for a more immediate response, a social channel like Facebook or Instagram. We will do our best to cancel it before it has shipped. After 12 hours of placing the order though, cannot guarantee it can be cancelled.

What color decal should I put on my car?

You’re free to go with whatever color you want for your car! Most decals are placed on the rear window of the car and we suggest going with white for the best visibility of the decal.

Is the decal really permanent?

Depending on the applied surface, if you hit it with some WD-40, it will come off. You just can’t reapply it. Make sure you have the right placement before you finish the application process. If you apply it on a painted wall, you risk taking the paint off with the removal of the decal. We recommend only putting the details on smooth unpainted surfaces (like glass, water bottles, mugs, etc).