Applying vinyl decals can seem incredibly confusing at the start. This guide will shift you over from confused to comfortable in just a few minutes. If you still have problems or questions after reading this guide, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Decal

This is not a sticker. You can’t just peel off the design and stick it on wherever. There are three levels to the vinyl decal: Clear Transfer Sheet (top), Vinyl Decal (in the middle), Opaque Backing Paper (bottom).

The Surface

You can place the decal on any solid surface. Just make sure it’s legal! Ideally the surface is solid and smooth. While the decal will stick to some porous materials (like a notebook cover), it takes some work and you run the risk of ripping your vinyl during application. Prep the surface by making sure it is clean! Use glass cleaner, windex, Isopropyl alcohol, or something similar to get it clean. At the very least, wipe the surface with a lint free cloth.


  1. Rub entire decal (either side) with the edge of a stiff plastic item like a credit card. You want to ensure the decal is sticking to the clear transfer sheet.
  2. Slowly peel off opaque backing paper. Ensure entire decal remains attached to the clear sheet. If not, put the sheets back together and rub again. You can repeat this step as much as needed. Once the backing paper is removed, toss it as it is no longer needed.
  3. Apply clear sheet with the decal attached to surface of your item.
  4. With your stiff plastic item, rub the clear sheet. This makes the decal stick to the surface. When you think you’re done, slowly peel off clear sheet. If decal is not sticking to the surface, place the clear sheet back down and rub area with card again.
  5. Once the clear sheet is off – you’re done!

The decal is outdoor quality and will last 5-7 years in the elements. It is permanent — so think through where you want to put it. It can be removed but with quite a bit of effort.

We hope this guide helps! If not – contact us!